winterene (winterene) wrote,

Annotated Confessional: 2003 Shelton

From the following blog...

> The Return of the Angry Young Man

> I can't sing and I can't dance, but I do have one thing in common with pop-icon Prince, the ability to create controversy.

> Before leaving for Shelton, I checked CGP and discovered that a player who I had mentioned in my log had taken offence with what I had written.

> The eight hours that I spent driving 120 miles from Princeton to Shelton, CT, was one such instance.

> I had no cup or bottle to spare

This was evidently before I got into the habit of always karrying a kiwi kup in the kar.

> I held fast (like Jack Aubrey)

> Stan Williams


> I had not felt this angry since Reno.

"I was absolutely crushed. That game was like the culmination of all the bad draws of the entire tournament put together. It was as if I was being punished for having dared to dream that I could do well in such a big tournament. Post game, the animosity hovering over the table was palpable."

> I was not simply angry at the tile draw, but, irrationally, and unjustifiably, at my opponent. I hated her. I wanted to hurt her. I wanted her to feel the same pain and frustration I was experiencing, only tenfold.

I should probably see if I can somehow get Google to remove quotes like these from the Internet.

> I'm ashamed to admit that I even remember this, but there's a line from the trailer for the recent movie starring The Rock, The Rundown, in which Seann (yes, two Ns) William Scott's character, as they hang from a trap, tell's him--"You're so angry!".

> I began to suspect that my anger was not solely caused by the tile draw, but by the very fact that my opponent was so attractive, and thus representative of every woman that has ever and will forever spurn my advances.

HOLY SHIT!!! I reeeeeally ought not to have written that.

> My anger was compounded as I cursed myself for stooping to such feelings, primitive feelings, feelings edging dangerously close to misogyny. I was ashamed that the word "bitch" had come to mind so often when she scored against me.

Or that.

> I had much to contemplate as I drove to my friend Nicole's in Bridgeport

Now Nick.

> It was good that I slept well, aided by the Benadryl that I took to stave off the effects of Nicole's cat (that I had to toss from my futon more than once)

No idea if that was true.

> There was a flurry of activity, as an unnamed expert had decided to inject himself into a dispute between myself and another player, thus adding fuel to the fire.

> Master Yoda would have been disappointed.

> But an expert recently diagnosed me as "self-involved", and that has explained it all (like Clarissa).

> I also had the urge for some Keebler's Town House crackers.

I used to dig these...

> The Crying Game

> (or "shock and awe" in a post-Iraqi Freedom world).

> The Nigga Whole Style Is Chump

> I had to lower the window despite the snow just to get a breath of Fresh Air.

> Bring That B Back!

> I was able to take my mind off my losses by trying to figure out 21 Grams

> The following day, I had occasion to reflect on the intricacies of human interaction as I read a post by Kevin McCarthy.

> Nevertheless, I was left to consider why some guys are so lucky to having a girlfriend that walks around in an exceedingly-short schoolgirl-type skirt, skimpy top, and come-hither boots when the temparature is near freezing outside.

WTF??? Why did I write crap like that???
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