winterene (winterene) wrote,

Missing Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs

There appears to be something major missing from Maslow's hierarchy of needs, depending on how you interpret self-actualization.

As I sit here in a cubicle, earning a wage that is more than double the highest international average...

...for doing very little work (I've told my supervisor almost every day for two weeks that I'm running out of tasks), I think about Maslow's hierarchy and how the only think I am missing from that is sexual intimacy (different from sex) and perhaps friendship (depending on how it is defined). So why am I not 100% content?

Because of something that I do not see represented in Maslow's theory... concern for the state of the universe, and, by necessity, of others. One example, the inequality problem...

Now, if you accept of the criticisms of Maslow listen in the Wikipedia article...

"The term 'Self-actualization' may not universally convey Maslow's observations; this motivation refers to focusing on becoming the best person that one can possibly strive for in the service of both the self and others."

...then you could argue that my desire to see equality IS a need encompassed by Maslow's theory, but that is open to debate.

I'm not an expert on Maslow, but I'm thinking that the needs to promote equality, freedom, the reduction of conflict, and the reduction of suffering are simply not addressed by his model.

But that's all theory, and and while it is all well and good for discussion, when the rubber meets the road, if I want to achieve 100% contentment, I have to figure out how to either fix these problems, or how to stop caring about them.
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