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I have no illusions that my words will have any effect, but I still feel that I have a responsiblity to say this, even though I may be the only one. Nevertheless, out of deference to the desires of many to avoid politics on FB, I place this link after the cut and remove the preview.







A thoughtful and informative discussion, as usual on "The Diane Rehm Show", and certainly not the only discussion on the topic that you can find. In fact there will be another one on this show tomorrow.

Bear in mind that this viewpoint stems from more than a decade of listening to news about U.S. ventures into Afghanistan and Iraq, of hearing the cost of those wars, both in financial and human terms, and of hearing regular updates that the people in those two countries are not better off now than they were before.

If you understand all the relevant facts, even considering that some facts are in dispute, your mind should revolt that the U.S. would enter into another misguided effort at nation-building, when all the evidence points to this being a fruitless endeavour.

Whether out of national interest or just concern for the welfare of millions of Syrians, even a modicum of reasons should tell you that a completely different path is needed, and that path is a radical paradigm shift away from the idea that just because a nation exists, that it must always exist, and that a people are best capable of governing themselves.

What the United States and its allies should do in Syria, for the sake of ourselves, the Syrias, and the rest of the world, is to eliminate Syria as a country by forcibly deporting every single inhabitant (21 million, a third of them already displaced) and declaring the entire country a U.S. territory. A no-man's land, a kill-zone, should be established around the borders of the land, with drones used to annihilate any person or group that dares to cross into that territory.

Within the safe zones, now free of the risk of any insurgency, infrastructure can be rebuild, and then people from all over the globe can be invited, with careful vetting of course, to come back in and establish a new society free of many of the ills that plague Syria now, like lawlessness, secterian violence, dictatorship, etc.

Some of the former inhabitants of Syria will of course be invited back, with extrmely careful vetting, but the rest will be spread out across the globes, mostly in enclaves inside the United States, but also across Europe, Australia, and other lands with space.

Even as your are thinking--that's the craziest fucking thing I've ever heard, take a breath, count to 10, and start googling for the cost and impact of the U.S. ventures in Afghanistan and Iraq, and evaluate my words only in the context of those two disasters. RELATIVE to the massive fuck-up that were those two wars, you would have to be completely out of touch with reality to concludes that my words are anything but reasonable.

I can't say why you should care about the fate of millions of Syrians half a world away, but if you do care about them, you certainly won't support the U.S.'s entering into the same course of action that has already failed twice (and it's questionable what will become of Libya).
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