winterene (winterene) wrote,


So what can I conclude about those persons who judges me to be misogynistic or potentially violent from reading my blogs, but never actually speaking to me, apparently failing to realize that Stephen King is not necessarily a monster just because he writes about them, nor is Javier Bardem a psychopath just because he plays them in the movies?

Are those people not doing me an injustice, same as that done to any person who is the object of prejudice?

If we find it, as a society to eliminate prejudice based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or other traits, should we not also seek to end all prejudice, no matter the cause?

I might never understand why people fear a transparent world, unless it is because most people are just bad, and wish to hide their evil? Me, I would like to be recorded at every moment of the day or night, to have all my communications be public. With that level of transparency, perhaps people would stop prejudging me, since nothing would be left to the imagination.
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