winterene (winterene) wrote,

Annotated Confessional: 2003 October Bayside

From the following blog:

> I Love NYC Scrabble!

I think that by 2003 I had already decided that New York City is the greatest city in the world.

> wait to experience the famous Scrabble Club #56

Famous because of "Word Freak", the book that has changed my life more than any other, except perhaps Plato's "The Republic" and Descartes' "Meditations on First Philosophy".

> The Worst 50 Minutes of My Life

To that point. I've had worse since then, like early games against Robinsky, a funky discoloration on my dick, and last New Year's Albany.

> This is the kind of thing that makes me long for the days when low-wage fast food workers
> cease to exist, replace by robots.

Holy shit, what a coincidence. I am about to blog about this, spurred by a comment on Monday night's "The Colbert Report"!

> a game of some sort, I forget the name, between two teams with strange names. Jackie
> something and the Red Fox something

Redd Foxx was still alive?

> I'm always amazed that I don't witness collisons left and right, the way these cabbies
> drive.

7 years later, I am still amazed that I have never witness a collision in NYC.

> and that my only mishap so far was tapping a parked through

How do I type "through" instead of "truck"???

> I think after I passed she exclaimed, "Oh, god!", but I might have misheard because off
> the Doppler effect.

> Joel was surprised to see me and exclaimed "Winter!" when I entered.

Back before Joel grew to hate me.

> I was disappointed to learn that I had to play all four games to qualify for the prizes

Still think this is a sucky rule.

> but my mental block was removed when Joel started singing.

I was not making this up.

> As longs as the lows remained in the mid-40s or higher I could handle the car at night.

This was before I got over my fear of running the engine, and before I discovered the magic of thermal pants.

> Continuing north on Route 1, I spot what appear to be some hookers.

It appears the hookers have long since be purged from Elizabeth.

> despite the late hour, I had to sit and enjoy simply being in Manhattan. There's just
> something about being in Manhattan that gives me a warm glow.

Though I still consider NYC my favorite city, I no longer feel the same glow, perhaps because I've spent so much time there in the past 7 years that it feels like nothing special.

> I prefer the parking spaces along the inner road, because pedestrians don't walk there.

I've long since discovered that it is easy to find urban cambing in the outer boroughs.

> Conveniently enough for me, there was an empty lot down a hundred feet or so, enclosed in
> a wooden fence that I could slip through.

I still don't understand why it took me so long to figure out that I could just kiwi in a cup.

> As I awaited the pairings and the first game, I was treated to some serious funk.

If Mark Twain could delay the publishing of his autobiography for 100 years after his death, I think I can wait a bit longer to reveal who this was.

> I was having increasing violent thoughts involving an experiement to see how far up a
> human ass a horn would fit.

Might this be the first occurence of one of those blog statements that shouldn't be taken literally but that some people foolishly do and then come to moronic conclusions about how I'm "scary".

> The tournament entry free included lunch, and for once it was edible.

I think I was being generous.

> I chatted a bit with Isaias Sarmiento

Whatever happened to...???

> So when I left, I absconded with an extra one stuffed down my pants leg.

Still one of my favorite escapades.

> Well, I actually took Joel Sherman's money

That might have been the last time I saw Joel at a Bayside.

> where I had a message from Rebecca Soble who had read about my being at Bayside and
> invited me to play some games

And then she met me in person and decided I was too "intense". I should have learned from that experience to ignore e-mail invitations from people who had found me through my website and blog, but I guess I still haven't.

> An excellent player name Aldo was there--he doesn't play in club or tournament,

Yep, this was back before Aldo had ever played in a tournament. I now wonder who or what it was that convinced him to finally start.
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