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Annotated Confessional: 2003 Arden Cup

From this blog:

> Cramming

The idea to title sections (usually just a few paragraphs, but sometimes chapter-length) of my blogs came specifically from the public radio show "This American Life". Specifically, the way that the show is divided into segments called "acts", and more specifically, the act titled "The Birth of Cool" (I think). I can't remember which episode it was, but it was about music. I think it was Sarah Vowel telling that story, talking about playing the flute, but after looking at the archives from 2003 back, I wasn't able to see which episode it was.

> lather, rinse, repeat

Shampoo instructions:,_rinse,_repeat

> When we touched down, I tried to study during every free minute, while in line at customs,
> then immigration, while waiting for the shuttle to economy parking, while on the shuttle,
> etc.

Those were the days.

> My friend Michelle commented that I was really into this Scrabble thing.

Aw, how cute. And prescient.

> to have someone check out the headache and muscle ache that had come on in London, plus the
> sore throat had worsed on the flight back.

Plus some funkiness on my dick, perhaps attributable to some really drunk woman, maybe a hooker, maybe not, who I picked up in the middle of the night in Baton Rouge before my trip to London. The lady at the clinic said it was nothing that needed to be treated, but the discomfort was enough to make me resolve to be more careful about what kinds of women I picked up in the middle of the night.

Photo of sore dick:

> no traveling salesman award for me

My Starbucks project has many times been described as a variant of the traveling salesman problem:

> gave Steak 'n Shake a try for the first time

And pretty much the last. I think I tried it once more, years later, after I had forgotten just how underwhelming it was, or when I was just famished and had no other options.

> On the bright side, I can finally check Indiana off my list of states where I've yet to be
> pulled over.

New Mexico
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina


North Dakota
South Dakota

Rhode Island
New Hampshire
South Carolina
Louisiana (but hassled while sleeping, as depicted in "Starbucking")
West Virginia

> two guys from central Pennsylvania, where they've probably never heard of breast
> augmentation.

Don't think I'd spent much time in central PA then, although maybe I was referring to the Amish/Mennonite presence.

> Pack It Up, Pack It In, Let Me Begin

House of Pain, "Jump Around"

> In game 1, against Joyce Zmorzynski...

Damn, I'm glad I got away from these lame-ass game descriptions. They are REALLY tedious.

> I can almost hear Edward Burns' voice snapping at me to get my ADD under control

I had to look this one up.

I don't even remember seeing this movie, but there it is in my database: May 7, 2003, $8.00, at the AMC Studio 30 (in Houston).

And whatever happened to Ed Burns anyway?

> I had to settle for Barnum's Animal Crackers

I used to pick up a box nearly every night, or maybe just after my workouts, before heading over to Starbucks (in Plano) to hang out.

> Minneapolis

Susan Rhea, the first Scrabble cutie to break my heart.

> I'm unsure about PONE for 33 points

I'm still unsure about PONE.

> and then I recognize that it's an old friend from Dallas

Sarah Slack, old fling actually

> Yes, a rat show.


> When the Music Stops

A reference to the track from "The Eminem Show", the last really awesome Eminem album (not counting the latest, which I haven't listened to).

> Kenny Loggins singing in the background

> I'm pussyfooting around with a lousy rack

While I can't say for certain that the pussyfoot was one of the dances depicted in the film, I can't say for certain that it wasn't.

> I wanted something more or less local, or in a hip part of town. Hence, the Big Bowl on
> Rush Street.

I will always associate Rush Street with Richard Max, because of his album of the same name, which contained "Hazard", a damn fine song.

> Maria, the lovely waitress from the last time I went, would be there.

Towards the end of a hellah fun 3 1/2-day road trip with some Starbucks buddies, from Dallas to Denver (nonstop), then later that night, to Chicago (nonstop), then back to Dallas.

> But it's not like I have a wealth of opportunities to meet eligible women now that I'm
> spending so much time playing and studying Scrabble.

Wow, did that ever turn out to be true!!! CURSE YOU STEFAN FATSIS AND YOUR LIES!!!


A reference to a blog I hadn't even written yet.

And to an inside joke between me, Jodi Morgan (from "Starbucking"), and a couple of local (Springfield, IL) radio DJs.

> In game nine against Fibber--I mean, Rita--McGee

However, if you ever hear me refer to a lady as a "McGee", I'm referring to "Tits McGee", a nickname I came up with for a women with large breasts.

> It Gets Worse

A much-used expression and trope.

> But I can't drink that swill in the break room. I just can't

Now I can.

> But thankfully, I developed a sense of impulse-control sometime during my upbringing

I live a life of constant gratitude for my impulse-control, given the impulses I'm given to have.

> Big Pimpin'... NOT!

A Jay Z reference.

Believe it or not, I had never before either heard the song or seen the video before typing up this blog!

> Tori Amos's song of the same name started running through my mind.

> Love is Never Having to Pay for a Meal're_sorry

> Being unemployed and homeless sucks

Probably still true today, unless homeless chic has finally manifested.

> and we went to a Colombian restaurant, El Llano

A regular stop whenever I'm in the area, especially when I was working in Wisconsin and heading to tourneys in Ohio, Michigan, or Indiana.

> For External Use Only!

> Oh My God--I Killed Kenny!

A "South Park" reference, to the episode in which Kenny dies.

> Next up was the #1 player in the division, the 1475-rated Kit Morehead.

Subsequent to this, I learned that Kit had been offended by my anecdote, thinking it a jab at her weight.

It wasn't, but rather about her name, which rhymes with "Get More Head", which is pretty much my philosophy on life.

> and I risked DERRING, to have it challenged off the board

Nearly a year later, I'd fly to California to try and pick up enough rating to play a higher division in Salado, and Ira Cohen would try DERRING* against me. You can guess what I did.

> #39

Okay, this is weird.

This could be referring to the late Harrell Naylor:

Except that the paragraph refers to a "she", and I seem to remember that Harrell was a man (male name, derivative of Harold).

So what this could be is a reference to the Dave Matthews Band. The album "Crash" contains a track named "#41" (presumbably the 41st track, going back to their first album):

The 39th track, then, would be "Crash into Me", which might make sense given the game was a disaster.

> Andy Yates


> while I played Ken Sherlock again to try and eke out a second place

I can't believe I didn't make a "no shit" reference. Slippin'

> My high-game earned me a copy of Upwords.

Anybody want a an Upwords?

Kidding--I traded it for a blowjob.

> I went back to the condo for lunch and to go see "The Matrix Reloaded" with my cousin.

FUCK YOU HATERZ!!! Although "Revolutions" sucked, I thought "Reloaded" was awesome, and I'd see it again in a heartbeat.

> I Drove 400 Miles and I Didn't Even Get a Lousy T-Shirt

> What's a guy have to do???

Drive more than 400 miles, apparently.

> Well, that's the story of my life when it comes to girls,

It really is.
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