winterene (winterene) wrote,

Annotated Confessional: 2003 Jonesboro

From this blog:

> all the sleep that I had missed in my travels from the west coast back to Texas.

> after finding a couple of Scrabble clubs out in Southern California on Monday and Tuesday

Still want to play every club in the country, but other stuff has gotten in the way. I should have played the Madison and Chicagoland clubs while there, but tournaments took priority.

> and the new X-Men movie was not 'til midnight

"X2: X-Men United". Went to see with friends at midnight. Totally awesome.

> I remembered that I still didn't know where the tournament would be held

Still forgetting to download the flyer, only back then I did not have a laptop.

> So I hurriedly said goodbye to my friends and began the drive.

WTF??? I had a 450 mile drive, and I was hanging out at Starbucks 'til the evening? I had some serious driving ability back then. I could never do that now. For my 470-miler to Independence I'll try to leave at 4:00 or even 3:00.

> as there are no Starbucks in Jonesboro, nor in Little Rock (until June 23).

Wow, the days without Starbucks in every major city.

> After a quick shower at the gym

24 Hour Fitness back then.

> and for some directions on the best way to Jonesboro, either US-67 and then some state road, or US-49 straight in

No laptop, no Microsoft Streets & Trips back then--seems ridiculous now.

> I looked to my left, and it was an unsavory-looking type in the passenger seat with
> muscles and a serious look on his face.

Why do I attract the weirdos and the cops?

> I felt the need to play Collin Raye's "Little Rock", a truly touching song that extols
> the virtues of selling VCRs in Arkansas at a Wal-Mart

> He, as they usually do, mentioned Denny's and Waffle House

This is a consistent pattern. Low-rent folk will suggest some corporate chain, while the more educated middle-to-upper-middle class people will suggest a local (and usually pricier) eatery.

> Despite an even draw and both blanks, Kathi Cann couldn't

Cuz her name is "Cann"--get it?

> because I had begun jotting down notes about my game.

I think I stopped that pretty quick.

> Oh, and to pop a couple of pain relievers and a Vivarin.

Hardly every take caffeine pills anymore.

> I wondered what happened to the Peppster.

I wonder who this refers to.

> after he mistakenly played GRADN and graciously took it off the board without requiring a
> challenge.

Hmm... I don't think I'm using the word "graciously" properly.

> Around 3:00 AM I had slept for about 6 hours and was feeling restless, so I decided to
> take a drive around town.

Damn I miss my wee-hour drives around cities. They are always interesting, but I can't do it anymore, because I don't drink as much coffee as I used to, and I just want to sleep as much as possible through the night now that I'm an old man.

> Okay biscuits and eggs, but nothing to write home about.

Actually the next day I wrote a letter to my parents about that breakfast.

> She stunned me on her fourth turn by using the blank as an A to play QaT for 15 points!

You know, I don't think any 1000s player I've faced since then has done something like this.

> I won't mention the name of my next opponent, because I'd rather talk about my first
> experience with poor sportsmanship.

I have no memory of this.

> I felt on top of the world, my only concern being whether my new rating would be used in
> Chicago.

Wow, what days were those, when the ratings could take a long time to be computed.

> she wore this black Tommy dress.

Tommy Hilfiger

> I didn't get any farther than a massage up in her bedroom with her in a nightie and me
> in my shorts

I really do try to fuck every woman who massages me.

> I did find some FINA gas at 1.26

Aw, how cute.

> It had been over 24 hours since I had last had coffee, and I was starting to jones pretty
> bad,

So glad I don't have to deal with this anymore.
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