winterene (winterene) wrote,

Annotated Confessional: 2003 Lake Murray

From this blog:

> I picked one of the top bingo stems that I hadn't yet studied, EINRST, and noticed that
> ENTIRES is a word.

Aw, how cute.

> That's like Joel Sherman missing MUCOIDS.

A reference to "Word Freak" and my assumption that MUCOID has something to do with mucous, and that Joel has some type of issue with mucous related to his GI issues.

> and Igby goes down (381-396)

Awesome film. And if you haven't seen Kieran in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" yet, STOP READING THIS AND GO SEE IT NOW!!!

> I pulled the right tiles to go with my high-probability leave for SEAGIRT

Wow--that word doesn't even look familiar to me. Is it even good?

> But there would be no such joy against Ms. Nees...

Cuz her name is Joy Nees--get it?

> against Jean McArthur, who has never eaten a fast-food hamburger

Is this still true?

> and for no other reason than her strength as a Scrabble player, I assure you


> I had some time to sit and study and catch up on how my man Tiger was doing in Augusta

Tiger Woods is no longer "my man", after all his foolishness.

> I was worried that I might lose some serious ratings points from this encounter

Already worried about rating?

> arranging my socks on the dashboard so that they would bake more properly

Baking still works, but I've added hanging (on the clothes hanger hooks) for added freshification.

> I was more disappointed that I couldn't find a machine that sold Coke cans for 50 cents

These are REALLY hard to find these days.

> It was till early, and I thought about going to a club, or maybe getting a massage

Seven years later, I have no memory of every having gone to a strip club or gotten a massage in Oklahoma City--how the heck did I miss that???

> My next game was against Gene Roop. There's a pun in there somewhere, but I can't seem to
> find it.

Dammit, I still can't find it (Poop is just juvenile), but now with LJ I'm sure somebody can think of something.

> I scooted on out of there and raced down I-35 to my favorite Colombian restaurant

Casa Vieja, still my favorite in the country.
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